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Hidden Land of Last Shangrila in the Himalayas :
Bhutan, also known as Druk Yul or the Land of Thunder Dragon is the world's most exotic tourist destinations. A conscious policy of isolation complemented by formidable geographical barriers has enabled the country to maintain its independence throughout its history. Nestled in the Eastern Himalayas, the country ended its self-imposed isolation only in 1961 and embarked on the path of modern development in a fine balance with its ancient traditions. Until then, Bhutan had been geographically isolate. With a development philosophy based on the principles of Gross National Happiness, Bhutan is becoming increasingly known for its unique cultural heritage, pristine ecology and wildlife, unparalleled scenic beauty of its majestic virgin peaks and lush valleys, unspoiled countryside, terraced rice fields, impressive architecture, warm and hospitable people and a devout Buddhist culture that makes this Himalayan Kingdom very special.
Those who make this rare journey into the Kingdom will discover that this is indeed an exclusive place with a truly indigenous experience to offer. Bhutan's beautiful, unspoiled and pristine landscape, ancient Buddhist culture, imposing architecture and hospitable people will enchant you. Many visitors from around the world leave the country mesmerized with the many exotic aspects of the country. Bhutan offers travelers unparalleled beauty, adventure, and the cultural experience of a lifetime. Those fortunate enough to visit Bhutan describe it as a unique, deeply spiritual and mystical experience. This kingdom is an adventure like no other.
HOLIDAYS IN BHUTAN : Tour And Trek In Bhutan
Whatever your interest : Trekking, Easy walks, Cultural tours, Dharma journeys, Photography tour, Spiritual Journey, Bird watching, Rafting, Biking, Festival tour and so many….we will create the ultimate Bhutan adventure just for you. The tours and treks described here represent some of our clients' favorite Bhutan experiences. You may find your ideal adventure described here. Or we can create a custom itinerary for your special interests and the length of your desired stay. Our focus is making dreams come true by creating the perfect custom tour for you.
Cultural Tours :
As soon as you enter into Bhutan, you will see its unique cultural wealth. The country’s rich cultural heritage has remained remarkably unblemished. The colorful and vibrant living culture co-exists with a rich biodiversity in an unpolluted habitat. Those who have had the rare chance to come to this wonderful kingdom will agree that this is truly an exclusive place with a truly indigenous experience to offer. These tours introduces visitors to unique aspects of Bhutanese history and rich culture with visits to 17th century Dzongs (fortresses), religious dance festivals, pilgrimage sites, museums, fascinating excursions to villages and monasteries and local sightseeing which offers an insight into the distinct culture, age old traditions and lifestyle of the deeply spiritual and mystical Kingdom.
Festival Tours :
The festivals in Bhutan showcase its living culture and also give an insight into how significant it is to the Bhutanese people and their distinct way of life. These festivals are popularly known as Tsechus and are organized in the honor of Guru Padmasambhava, who brought Buddhism into this country in the 8th century. The event is marked by colorful and well choreographed mask dances depicting various facets of the Buddhist teachings. Tshechus are also an occasion of social gathering for the Bhutanese families. The people come dressed in their finest for the very special occasion. Women wear their most beautiful jewelry, families pack their best food for lunch, men and women joke and exchange tales, and children crane their necks to catch a sight of the day-long dances. Every district organizes these festivals as an annual traditional event.
Photography Tours :
Your visit to Bhutan will have immense opportunities for you to take your photography further. Photography in Bhutan is permitted everywhere accept inside the dzongs and temples. If you wish to take the pictures of the local people, houses, shops and so on, always be polite to get their consent. They will be happy to say OK. Royal Government of Bhutan permits filming in the country after seeing the script. Any commercial filming must pay the filming royalty separately from the tourist tariff to obtain the filming permit from the Royal Government of Bhutan. We do the research and location hunt and other necessary works as per the subject of your film before your arrival so that you can have a fantastic filming experience in Bhutan. The sceneries and landscape in Bhutan are so fascinating, attracting and appealing for the painting. Each place has its own beauty and appealing. So why don’t you come and try yourself before it is too late.
Bird Watching:
Bhutan, a small kingdom hidden in the Himalayas has its total land cover 38394square kilometer. Bhutan’s forest cover is close is close to 72%. Out of which 26% is declared as national parks, nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries, and another 9% as biological corridor. This provides a diverse eco-system in Bhutan. We have around 5400 species of plants, 200 kinds of mammals and around 770 species of Birds, of which some are endangered and endemic.Most widely known as the Black-necked Cranes, a rare and endangered species. The come to Bhutan in winter and they fly to Tibetan Plateau in summer. The valley call ’Phobjikha valley’ is protected specially for this bird. This bird holds a special place in Bhutanese Folklore.Bhutan is truly a birding paradise and so it is the ultimate destination for the bird watchers and bird lovers around the world. Bhutan is also considered us the best birding spot in South Asia. Please come and see the birds of Bhutan with Authentic Bhutan Tours-For Your Bhutan Experience!
Botanical Tours :
This tour will take you through prime botanical sites. The country’s forests have 7,000 vascular plants, 360 orchid species, 46 species of rhododendron and about 500 species of medicinal plants and is a true biodiversity heaven for nature lovers and specialists.
Spiritual Journey :
This tour programme involves visits to Dzongs (fortresses), monasteries and temples, incredible sacred sites, learn about the Bhutanese way of life; and encounter the country’s historical past and present. On request, retreat and special sessions with highly learned Buddhist monks on meditation, spirituality, personal growth and development can also be arranged. Spiritual travelers will not only enrich their lives with this tour but will have tremendous take home value that will be positively reflected in their lives.
Rafting and Kayaking :
Rafting and Kayaking in the breathtaking rivers of Bhutan offers one of the most exciting thrills and relaxation. We guarantee unlimited fun and excitement for ‘adventure seeking people’.
Mountain Biking :
Mountain Bilking in Bhutan is said to be the best with the country’s mountainous terrain offering a fascinating adventure for mountain biking enthusiasts. The route along Bhutan's west-east highway (approx.600 km) is an exciting route with challenges of battling a new pass over 3000 meters everyday. The drop from Pelela Pass to Trongsa, a distance of 70 Kilometers is said to be the longest downhill in the world. We can make your biking experience in Bhutan truly unforgettable.
Trekking in Bhutan :
Trekking in Bhutan is very adventurous and it provides the best opportunity to explore the life of the people in the remote villages and high-up mountains and also enjoy the pristine environment with most exotic and endangered species of flora and fauna. It also provides an outstanding experience of the spectacular views of the Bhutanese landscapes and breath-taking views of the Himalayas. There are trekking routes which suite both summer and winter seasons. We, at the Authentic Bhutan Tours, organize treks of varying duration and location. We have what is called the Samtengang Trek which is as short as 4 days and the Snowman Trek that last about 21 days. Depending on the duration of your stay and your personal convenience, we will make specific recommendations suiting your needs and requirement.
Hiking :
Hiking through carefully selected routes and creative itineraries offer local insight into Bhutan’s many hidden treasures and wonders that most visitors miss. This trip combines local sightseeing tours with memorable day hikes. Walking, hiking and climbing are some of the best ways to explore the beauty of Bhutan.
Golfing :

Golfing on the top of the World can be an amazing experience for avid golfers. Thimphu has one of the highest golf courses in the world. The nine-hole course situated behind Tashichhodzong (seat of central administration) and surrounded by mountains provides a relaxing break from the rigours of sightseeing, that too at an affordable fee.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to discover the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan through Travelers World.

If there is one country in the world that has a perfect blend of spirituality and eco-tourism, it is Bhutan. The tiny Himalayan Kingdom has received international awards galore for its impeccable environmental track record, not the least of which is the “Champions of the Earth” award in 2005 and recognition as one of the world’s 10 biological “hot-spots” by WWF International.
Bhutanese believe that man himself is a creation of nature. From this belief comes the respect, regard and recognition for man’s harmonious coexistence with nature. Today, when the rest of the world mourns the loss of their precious ecology, Bhutan’s has over more than 70% of its land under forest cover, and more bird species than the whole of North America. Environmental preservation is one of the five pillars of the country’s development philosophy popularly known as Gross National Happiness.
On the spiritual front, the whole of Bhutan is embedded in spirituality. Not only are hundreds of monasteries, stupas and prayer flags that dot the landscape all over reminiscent of Bhutan’s strong spiritual past, the attitude, behavior and everyday lifestyle of Bhutanese is shaped by Buddhist culture and tradition. All these traits lend a meditative atmosphere to the place earning Bhutan the acclaim as the most peaceful country on earth. Against these backdrop, is Bhutan suitable for eco-tourism? I bet that you cannot get a better bargain anywhere on earth.
Why everyone wants to visit Bhutan :
With the initiation of development plan from 1960’s by the Royal Government, the self imposed isolation policy was revoked by blending the process of modernization with centuries old ways of life, culture and tradition. Decades of development have propelled Bhutan from the medieval age into the 21st century’s modern nation like no other. Bhutan is ranked among the top 10 countries with the highest flora and fauna density and has been declared a global hot spot for environment conservation. Today, Bhutan is a most sought destination, the every reason for it to be so are: • the last Mahayana kingdom • an unrivalled culture, tradition and art • the beauty of the pastoral landscape and the best that nature offers • a smiling and friendly people, • its unique philosophy of development “Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross National Product. • modernizing the Bhutanese lives the Bhutanese way The unique culture, and the untouched nature of the country and its people, gives Bhutan its unique appeal. All of these makes Bhutan an exotic travel destination and definitely deserves a visit.